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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Future Sight

So another week is with us.  Firstly let me apologise for the lack of a blog on Friday but work got in the way!  I will endeavour to bring you the blog on deck building this Friday instead.  Seems my Standard deck was very good on Friday as it won all 4 matches without loosing a game.  Sorry to Henry Hart who has apparently been beaten by me every week he has come along, what can I say the computer is not your friend Henry.
This Friday is Modern Pauper and I am playing a Bant version of my soldier deck from last time.  I have not got the full list yet but it may well have these fellas in it:

War!  What is it good for?

This is the last Modern Pauper event at FNM Relax as we go to full on Pauper from January.  Te soldier deck I played last time worked really well but it was very one dimensional and I decided that by going 3 colours I could have a lot more possibilities and make the deck far stronger.

That's enough about pauper and FNM Relax and I think it is time to look at what is coming up over the next few weeks.

This Sunday is a festive Steel City magic tournament with standard @ £7 and a draft later on in the day if standard went a bit wrong for you @ £10.  As always Mark will put up boosters or store credit in prize support.

I got one of these last time with my store credit...

FNM will continue over the Yuletide season with 2 Headed Giant on the 21st December 2012 and a fond farewell to extended on 28th December 2012 before it is replaced by Modern in the New Year.

Kiki Pod - just what we needed!

Our first FNM of 2013 will be Standard on 4th January with something very special the following day.  As you are well aware we had an invitational tournament in October which went down very well - for full details see here and here.  We have decided to do it again in 2013.  Here are the players who have already guaranteed their place in the invitational 2013;

Robert Tinsley
Andrew Mather
Daniel Cocking
Andy Sims
Mike Boon
Patrick Bateman
John Roberts
James Brook
Diarmuid Verrier
Grzegorz Flis
Fabian Quinn
Stephen Kay
Richard Tinsley
Adam Pollard
Matt Cooper
Owen Debenham
Matteo Orsini Jones

This year the entrants were invited based on their results in tournament's and on their contribution to the Magic community of Sheffield.  Next year there will be a chance for people to earn an invitation by being in the top 4 of a qualifier event, the first of which will be on Saturday January 5th 2013.  We will actually be running two tournaments that day with Standard starting at 10:30 am and Modern starting at 12:30 pm.  The price for each tournament is £5 with 2 boosters going into the prize pool for each player.  The top 4 from each event will receive an invitation to the tournament in October 2013 for a chance to be a member of Team Steel City Patriots and gain a sponsorship package similar to that enjoyed by the team members from this year.

But that is all for next year and we have not finished this one yet!  Patriot Sheffield will have a number of events over the Christmas break which look like this;

Thursday 27th December 2012
General casual play and testing for January 2013

Friday 28th December 2012 
EDH from Midday onwards and FNM from 6pm

Saturday 29th December 2012 
A festive Christmas draft at 11am full details next week

So there are many, many reasons to come play MTG at Patriot Games Sheffield.  See you soon.

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