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Friday, 18 January 2013

Let's talk about bullying...

I'll keep this very brief.  This is not the blog I had intended, unfortunately as circumstances have overtaken it, I doubt that blog will ever appear.  I posted a blog on Monday which seems to have caused some controversy.  This was not actually my intention.  I feel that the original blog was badly worded and I did not take into consideration everyone's feelings on the subject.  What I should have written was something like this;

"So we are adding draft to the formats for FNM Relax as people seem to want it.  As 95% of the players at Relax have no experience or concept of the subtleties of drafting I feel that it would be inappropriate for experienced drafters to take part in this initially while people get to grips with it.  We will review this after the first three months and look to open the drafts to everyone."

I'm sure this would not have caused as much debate, and for that I apologise.

However, the resulting conversation led to someone posting a link comparing me to Cartman from South Park.  I found this very insulting and upsetting.  I know I am fat and I really don't need people to point at me and laugh about the fact.  There is no legislation preventing people from calling you names or making comments about you when you are fat but it is still a form of bullying and I feel was really not deserved in this case - ironically when I was trying to ensure that people that this was exactly what didn't happen to people in a relax draft.  By the way this does not mean I am saying all Magic Players that are not casual are bullies, dick heads or anything of the sort.  In fact it has made me think long and hard about some of the conversations myself and Callum have had recently and I am very sorry if I have caused him any upset.

As a result of this combined with other factors from my job and personal life my mental health has suffered and my self confidence has taken a severe blow.  I will not be putting up any more blogs or indulging in any magic related activity on the facebook  group.  I am already committed to pre-release and GP London but I will be considering my options post GP London.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Richard Tinsley 

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