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Friday, 8 March 2013

For Your Information

Ok, so no witty repartee or complicated puns this week.  Not even random celebrities that have nothing to do with the topic in hand other than they wandered into my mind while I was writing and I thought it would be cool type of thing.  Just the facts, man.

Firstly, as Spock says to McCoy, "Remember!"  Two weeks tomorrow it is the second invitational qualifier.  There will be two tournaments with a standard event at 10:30 and a Modern event starting at 12:30.  Entry to each will be £5 with 2 boosters into the prize pool for each participant.  The top 4 will each get an invite to the invitational in October as well as booster prizes.  If you are one of the people already qualified you are still more than welcome to come and play as the entries will cascade down to lower places if players in the top 4 have already qualified.  Here is the list of qualified players:

Robert Tinsley
Andrew Mather
Daniel Cocking
Andy Sims
Mike Boon
Patrick Bateman
John Roberts
James Brook
Diarmuid Verrier
Grzegorz Flis
Fabian Quinn
Stephen Kay
Richard Tinsley
Adam Pollard
Matt Cooper
Owen Debenham 
Matteo Orsini Jones
Steve McAleer
Joe Alexander
John Kay
Chris Parks
Michael Shillitoe
Alistair Kennedy
Andrew Munro

That means that more than 3rd of the places have already gone, so if your name is not on the list make sure you are there on 23rd March 2013.  If your name is on the list come along anyway as the slots will cascade down the rankings and £5 with 2 boosters in the pool is pretty sweet value.  If time allows we will probably draft the boosters afterwards.

Speaking of value I can reveal the cost for the Sheffield PTQ on April 13th 2013.  After much crunching of numbers by Jim and discussions on how we can do this for blah we have decided that we are going to go with a price of £15 with 3 boosters per head in the prize pool.  We decided that cost was more important than how many boxes of boosters we give away and wanted to encourage people to come and play.  we are working on a couple of other funky incentives to add value to the Sheffield PTQ experience but will  let you know about those shortly.

Today in Relax it is 2 headed giant (Standard) with promos going to the first team and the last team - in your effort to come last you are not allowed to scoop to your opponents!  

Also this weekend sees the return of Steel City on Sunday with the usual competitive standard tourney and a draft later in the afternoon.  Standard is £7 and draft £10 - considering the massive standard season we have looming this is a good time to come get your game on and try to win some boosters or store credit.

Its all happening at Patriot Games Sheffield in the next few weeks!

This has been a public information broadcast for the Magic Community of Sheffield.

See you later.

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