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Monday, 10 September 2012

Meanwhile back on Ravnica...

Well what a weekend.  Magic everywhere, hope everyone who came to the Magic celebration day had a good time and got some cool cards.  So it has been a week since I last talked about the RtR spoilers and we have had a ton of funky cards to think about not least of which is this chap;
Everything was going fine till someone called him Nelly.

So an uncounterable 4/4 dude for 3 mana, seems good.  If someone makes you ditch him he goes into play, now that seems really good.  He doesn't have the life-gain of good old Obstinate Baloth but is as solid as a rock.

A prop from Hamlet gets up and walks!

Scavenge was looking like an ok mechanic until we got this guy.  A 1/1 for 1 is nothing new or fantastic but the fact he can chump block and then add value for free is pretty sweet.  I'm playing Golgari on the Sunday of pre-release and can't wait.

While on the subject of guys we have now had the fourth Guild Lord revealed:

If I could talk to the animals, and the plants, and the fungi, and the slime's....

FFWW for a 2/5 is ok.  Life gain has never been a big thing in MTG unless you can gain something like 1,000,000 of it and not lose by another means, and if you think you can't lose the game on 1 million life, think again.  However, the big bad with this one is the activated ability - it populates.  Remember that Selesnya's thing is tokens and this is going to get silly.

"So what are we going to do about all these creatures running around?" I hear you ask.  Well it seems Azorius has the answer:

So now we know what happened to Day of Judgement in M13!

A very powerful card, Supreme Verdict says "No".  I have a feeling in 2 years time control players will be crying into their face-palms as this rotates out.  Azorius are not the only ones who got a "can't be countered" spot of removal:

This is gonna mess things up for some people.

The list of things this destroys is scary - especially when you look at some of the Modern staples it eats, including Goyf, Bob, Knight of the Reliquary and Liliana of the Vale.

I'd like to finish this blog with a look at two more creatures, the first being what has affectionately  already become known as "The LOL Troll":

You will play Jund Zombies!

Once this guy is down and you have mana open it is good night Gracie time - discard Slitherhead to him get a counter, Scavenge Slitherhead, ouch.  The final mention has to go to this guy though:

Abyssal Persecutor's equally ugly cousin.

A 6/6 demon for 4 is quite a thing and when his downside is your opponents feed him a guy and he has a little nap but gets bigger it seems fairly strong, and if they run out of willing sacrifices it is going to be time to bring the pain.

Thanks for reading that is all that I have time for today, Return to Ravnica is looking insane.  I will be back on Wednesday with the second half of your 10 step plan to playing better Magic, see you there...

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