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Tuesday, 30 October 2012


So here I am some 32 hours or more after the invitational.  I don't really remember yesterday - I got up , it was cold, I went to work, thought I had forgotten my door key (even though I couldn't have got out of the house without it), went home, tried to watch the telly, fell asleep, went to bed, fell asleep and then there is now.  The invitational seems to have been a great success.  For those of you who didn't see it on Facebook - here are the final standings at the end of the weekend:

1 Robert Tinsley
2 Andrew Mather
3 Daniel Cocking
4 Andy Sims
5 Mike Boon
6 Patrick Bateman
7 John Roberts
8 James Brook
9 Diarmuid Verrier
10 Grzegorz Flis
11 Fabian Quinn
12 Stephen Kay
13 Richard Tinsley
14 Adam Pollard
15 Matt Cooper
16 Owen Debenham

That was pretty cool, I think we will make that an annual event!  Congratulations to all those who played in the invitational, all those who made day 2 and the top 6 who will make up Team Patriot Sheffield.  We are ready to take on the world (well at least the UK).  There were feature matches over the weekend and I will be editing the footage over next weekend to put up on You Tube.

For now here is FNM Relax's very own James Brook laying the smacketh down on Mike Boon's candy ass!

Sorry couldn't resist that one!  Tom Behan asked on Facebook about the editing process.  I put in for some funding in the job I was doing 5 years ago for a bunch of digital media stuff which we got.  Part of these was the Adobe Premier video editing software which is pretty versatile.  I have only had time to chop out the audio and replace with Strange Kind of Magic by ELO and just show the first game in the match in raw format.  When I have finished I will be adding graphics with life counters etc which you make in Power point and overlay on the footage.

Following the highly laudable decision by Wizards of the Coast to stop putting up full deck lists for constructed decks from pro tour etc I will no longer be posting my full deck lists on here but will rather be talking about some of the cards in the deck.

I think this deck should be called "Noble Vampires" - oh wait that sounds a bit Twilight!

This week is extended and I thought I would have a go at a deck which is both tribal and linked into the whole guild idea, as well as being inspired by one of the players in the top 6 of the invitational - Patrick Bateman.  So this week I will be playing Rakdos Vampires!

Back with a vengeance!

BR Vamps was pretty good in Zendikar and now it has some sweet toys to fill up the top end of the curve.  4 Drop, indestructible, sac outlets with haste for 4 mana seem good too.

Happy I got these when they were worth nothing!

With 2 Liliana's that snuggle happily in the deck as well it seems I have a pretty cool line up of   cards to call upon.

What a card in a deck that loves you opponents to sacrifice stuff!

Liliana's +1 Ability is very effective when you have a certain BB cost vampire in your hands who loves to be in the graveyard and then leap back into play when you play a land.

Do you think he means me?

Anyway that is all I have time for today - will be back on Friday with a guest blog!  Who it is penned by will be a secret till then.  See you all soon...

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