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Monday, 15 October 2012

Trip to the Zoo

One of my oldest memories was going to London Zoo with my dad and a friend of his back in 1970.  I saw Guy the Gorilla, who was a bit of a celebrity way back then, and got lost for a little bit in the reptile house; going up to someone I though was my Dad's friend only to have a complete stranger stare down at me as I tugged on his sleeve.

Guy the gorilla as he looked in 2006 -  on display in Sheffield's Weston Park Museum!

40 years later things are quite different.  Both Guy and myself found ourselves in Sheffield instead of London although Guy has returned home and I am running FNM Relax at Patriot Games.  This week is Pauper and having done many fun things in this format I wanted to play Zoo.

Kird Ape - a long time member of Zoo and friend of Guy.

Zoo is an established archetype from both Legacy and Modern, although following the banning of Wild Nacatl it is not seen quite as much and has many rivals, but more of that on Friday.  Some of it's cards are common but not many of them...

Sorry but you're banned mate!

After the most complicated search I have ever done on Gather (36 possible creature types over 3 colours, all of which have to be common and Modern legal).  This brought up 9 pages of creatures which you might find in a zoo.  Having cut this down to non fantasy creatures I chose the following:

4 Selesneya GuildGate
4 Transguild Promenade
6 Forest
5 Mountain
3 Plains

22 Lands

4 Kird Ape
4 Squadron Hawk
1 Jackal Familiar
1 Skitter of Lizards
4 Timberpack Wolf
2 Ambush Viper
2 Lurking Crocodile
2 Rumbleback Rhino
1 Stampeding Rhino
1 Ulvenwald Bear
2 Slash Panther
1 Sentinel Spider

25 Creatures

4 Lightning Bolt
4 Oblivion Ring
3 Travel Preparations
2 Common Bond

13 Spells

Naya (RGW) was the only way to go with the creature base I was looking at.  With some main board removal and some decent buff spells my legions of zoo animals are ready to do battle!

Became known as "Piss Cat" during New Phyrexia pre-release...

I'm quite looking forward to this one.  I don't think that Steve Kay can copy this one as he has no Kird Apes, but we will see.  Looking forward to this Friday, there will also be some EDH at the shop this Sunday as well as Modern testing for the Invitational players and then it will only be 1 week to the invitational and it is only 1 month till the first ever Sheffield PTQ!  Pretty exciting month all in all for Magic in Sheffield, hope to see you there...

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