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Friday, 10 May 2013

A Busy Schedule

So Dragon's Maze is with us and a week of SCG open is behind us.  The new set does not seem to have effected standard massively - Junk Re animator is still THE deck that boasts the best win percentages - it now has Sin Eater main deck to take out those Cremates and other counters to unburial rites. Jund has added Sire of Insanity as its ability to top deck is far better than its opponents and at 6 mana it can cast everything.  UWR has added 3 copies of Ral Zarek - this may mean that he keeps some of his value and for the moment he is at $35 but no one seems to be interested at that price.

Is now a card in case you thought it wouldn't be...

So what is this blog about then?  I'm glad you asked - we are kind of busy for the next month or so in the Magic calendar so I thought it might be a good idea to bring all the stuff together in one place and let people know what is going on MTG wise.  I decided to just list everything chronologically first and then comment on events afterwards:

Date Event
11/05/2013 PTQ Theros - Cardiff
11/05/2013 Monthly win a box - Patriot Leeds
11/05/2013 Dragon's Maze win a box - Chesterfield
12/05/2013 Steel City Magic - Patriot Sheffield
17/05/2013 Pro Tour Dragon's Maze - San Diego Starts 5pm GMT
18/05/2013 Pro Tour Dragon's Maze - San Diego Starts 5pm GMT
19/05/2013 Pro Tour Dragon's Maze - San Diego Starts 7pm GMT
25/05/2013 Dragon's Maze Games day - Patriot Sheffield
26/05/2013 Dragon's Maze Games day - Patriot Sheffield
01/06/2013 PTQ Theros - Manchester
02/06/2013 WMCQ - Manchester
08/06/2013 Modern Masters release drafts
09/06/2013 Modern Masters release drafts
22/06/2013 Invitational Qualifier - Patriot Games Sheffield

So as you can see there is a lot going on in the old Magic scene!  There will be further details on the invitational qualifier in the next few weeks.  The Dragon's Maze game day will have the usual Standard/Draft tournaments each day and will cost £10 for the whole thing.

You need to have scored 300 Planeswalker points in the last year to qualify for the WMCQ - if you are unsure send me a message and I will let you know if you are qualified or not.  I hope to have the full details of Modern Masters drafts soon when we know how much product the shop is getting.

Spoilers due the week before release...

That's all I have time for - hope to be back next week if I have the time.


  1. I Steel City Magic like a mini tournament?

  2. Steel City is the monthly Standard tournament held in Patriot Games Sheffield, normally has a decent turnout. There is usually a draft starting around 2pm too.