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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Modern Living

So time has been a thing this week, there has just not been enough of it!  As a result this blog will have to be relatively brief and to the point.  I am still considering all of the ramifications of the rules changes announced last week.  I like the idea that you can't kill peoples generals in EDH with a clone spell, I also like the idea that Legendary creatures will be more playable in other formats.  Olivia is going to be a house from July 13th until she rotates out at the end of September.

Fear me mortals!

However the changes this will bring to Modern and Legacy may not be so welcome as the ability to abuse multiple Mox Opals may well show.  As for the change to Planeswalkers I am less than happy with the idea.  I suspect WotC reasoning behind it.  The introduction of the mythic rare in Magic helped to push the Planeswalker cards to new heights.  However, in recent times Planeswalkers have lost their shine somewhat and are not holding their value or seeing play like they once were.  The idea of them being able to exist on both sides of the battlefield at the same time may well push them back into the limelight.

I have a foil one of these, still doesn't make me want to play it...

Anyway before I get side tracked this blog is about Modern Masters which we have been seeing spoilers of all week.  I have great pleasure in announcing that there will be drafts happening next weekend at Patriot Games Sheffield of Modern Masters.  The will begin at 10 am on Friday 7th June 2013 and will fire off as we have a pod of 8.  There will also be a Modern Masters draft at FNM that Friday instead of the normal Return to Ravnica draft.

There will then be pre-arranged drafting of Modern Masters in the Gardner's Rest from 12 midday on Saturday - if you are wanting to take part in these you will need to "book" and give me your money on the Friday at the latest so that I can sort out the product with the shop.  

We will then have more drafting from 11 am on the Sunday at the shop again.  The drafts will cost £15 each and there will be no prize support, however the reduced cost of entry and the many wonderful things inside the boosters more than make up for this.

Please note you will not be able to leave the draft with any product until you have played at least 1 round of draft and the product will remain the property of Patriot Games until that time.  If you drop from a draft you will not be able to enter any further drafts that day.  So if you open a Goyf and a foil goyf you take the foil one and pass the other to the lucky son of a bitch sitting next to you.

A big thank you to Jim and the guys at Patriot for doing us drafts at this reduced rate, we really appreciate it.  I have to be back at work in a few hours so I am off to bed.  Oh one last thing, thanks to all of you as this will undoubtedly take us past the 10,000 hits mark since the blog started last July!

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