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Monday, 27 June 2016

Bad Eldrich Moon Rising

"I see a bad moon rising.

I see trouble on the way.
I see earthquakes and lightnin'.
I see bad times today.

Don't go around tonight, 
Well it's bound to take your life, 
There's a bad moon on the rise."

John.C.Fogerty 1969

Since the announcement that set 2 of the Shadows over Innistrad was too be called Eldrich Moon I have had this song associate itself with the title in my head.  I saw the spoilers for Emrakul, the Promised end last week and was excited for what we would get today; and I have not been disappointed.

More Avacyn combs her hair angels return but something is very wrong...

Madness and Delirium make a welcome return as mechanics but now they are joined by Emerge, Escalate and Meld.  Emerge is an alternative costing which can be paid when you sacrifice a card already in play to get a double discount on the spell like so:

So if I sacrifice a creature with converted mana cost of 4 Wretched Gryff costs me U1.  This has great potential for limited where those 2 mana bears can still be of use late game, especially when you are manna screwed.

Escalate allows you to choose more options for a card with several different modes by paying 2 more mana for each mode;

Always going to be option number 3.

The meld mechanic looks really fun - own and control two specific permanents, exile them and BANG they come back as a whole new bad ass, like so;

Just add Gisela above and cook on gas mark 4 for 30 seconds.

Congratulations its a beautiful abomination!

I love the idea of the two cards flipping and joining them together - they did this for promos in Vs years ago and it looked really cool when both halves were out.  All of this is covered over on the mother ship in video detail here.

Meanwhile back at Friday Night Magic - I enjoyed the draft last week and look forward to playing Standard this Friday with some form of UG Eldrazi death machine.  I have been talking to people and listening to what they would like to see as part of future FNMs.  So as part of that for those who would like to come down early we will be playing some casual EDH games from 4.30 this Friday before the main event of FNM starts sign-ups at 6pm.  We will of course have the usual Standard, Modern and Draft options available.

See you all on Friday and Wreck em Dead!

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