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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Final Preparations...

Apologies that this is a day late but I couldn't get it to you before I got it myself (if that makes any sense at all)…

Firstly we need to look at times.  Registration for day one will be open from 10am on Saturday 8th November 2014.  All players should be sitting down ready to get product by 10:30am.  The boosters you open will not be the boosters you play with.  You will have 20 minutes to open the boosters and record their contents on the supplied form before handing them back in to a Judge.  You will then be given a set of cards to build a deck with and you will have 30 minutes to do this.  Please be careful when doing this as errors can result in warnings and game losses.You will also need to provide a deck list for your standard deck.

On Sunday 9th November 2014 the top 16 will need to be at the shop for 11am as this is when registration opens and it will close at 11:15!  This should not be a problem as the top 16 will know who they are and all we have to do is confirm their presence.  You will need to bring a deck list for your Modern deck.

As you are no doubt aware in the past the top 6 of the Sheffield Patriot invitational have received items of clothing and a sponsorship deal to cover the cost of entry to PTQs etc.  However, Wizards of the Coast have changed the way that the whole road to the pro tour is taking place and this has necessitated a change in the way the top 6 players are rewarded.  So without further ado here is what the top 6 will now get:

  • Steel City Patriots Hoody.
  • Steel City Patriots T-Shirt.
  • Exclusive (only 6 made) Invitational 2014 tote bag.
  • Exclusive (only 6 made) Invitational 2014 play mat.
  • Free entry to all Patriot Games Sheffield PPTQs for the next 12 months.
  • Scaling booster prize support based on number of attendees.

Hang on a second there’s a bit more. Second and third place will also get a copy of From the Vaults: Annihilation.  The person who wins it all and comes first will get a copy of From the Vaults: Twenty!

This does not mean that the sponsorship deal is gone forever.  As with so many things we need to see what happens in regards to the new PPTQ/RPTQ system and how many people attend, costs etc. before a truly informed decision can be made.

One last thing before I go.  For those who don’t make it to the top 16 there will be a commander side event on the Sunday using the new mono coloured commander decks which come out this Friday.  I will have full details of this up on Friday.

Only 3 days to go!

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