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Friday, 7 November 2014

Forward Command

I don't actually like the name commander.  The format is Elder Dragon Highlander (EDH) not "commander".  The name change is an attempt to re-brand and redesign something which is not theirs and by doing so take control of it and make it into what Wizards/HASBRO want it to be.

This is my general, he is the leader of legions!

As you may well know the new commander decks are out today.  Each mono coloured deck has a brand new planeswalker in them which for the first time ever can be used as your commander.  Each deck seems solid and playable out of the box with some great cards like Titans, Wurmcoil Engine, Sol Ring (of course), Abyssal Persecutor, Black Suns Zenith, Goblin Welder, Beastmaster ascension, Elves and Rampaging baloths to mention just a few.  However, this goes to prove my initial point about Wizards and EDH - Planeswalker commanders; not really got the feel of being right in a format called Elder Dragon Highlander...

Great Planeswalker less so as a General.

Fortunately the whole concept of using planeswalkers as commanders is just bad.  You are going to struggle to win the game via general damage if you have one of these as your boss.  They also enter the battlefield as a fairly squishy permanent which should be easy to destroy.

The 2014 Patriot Games Sheffield Magic Invitational is running all weekend but this will only be relevant for 16 people on the Sunday so we are running a Commander side event.  From 11am the will be pods of 4 EDH multiplayer games going off.  If you have one of the new decks you will be put up against people also playing them.  If you want to bring your own constructed EDH deck that's cool we will have pods of that too with some promos for everyone!  All this is free of charge!

Also there is a fantastic article about what EDH is really about on the mother-ship here. Mike Boon you need to read this!
Good luck to everyone at the invitational - see you there.

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