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Monday, 10 November 2014

Take a bow...

Well that was a monster weekend of Magic if ever there was one.  Thank you to everyone who came along and made it an event to remember.  It was great to play cards with a lot of you again and also to meet new people and make new friends.

Breakfast of champions at the Banker's Draft (these guys all made day 2)

So lets have a look at the final score board and see who is this year's Steel City Patriots team:

  • Oliver Frith (34 Points)
  • Ian Richardson (33 Points)
  • Sam-luca Rolph (30 Points)
  • Lino Burgold (29 Points)
  • Jimmy Wild (28 Points)
  • Thomas Hogg (28 Points)
  • Michael Boon (27 Points)
  • Dan Cocking (27 Points)
  • Jon Potts (26 Points)
  • Steven Pickles (25 Points)
  • Matthew Rigall (22 Points)
  • Gideon Hamlett (22 Points)
  • Michael Radford (19 Points)
  • Dave Bradburn (18 Points)
  • Russell Clarke (18 Points)
  • Theo DeBray (15 Points)
Congratulations and a massive well done to all of the top 16 and especially to the top 6. That looks like a strong team for the next 12 months and I expect great things from them.  As we know Sam is already on his way to the Pro Tour and Lino has been there before.  Also a special congratulations has to go to Mike Boon; he has made it to the top 6 for the last 2 years and has just missed it again this year - well done that man, I'm sure you will be back on top next time!  Everyone in the top 16 auto qualifies for next years event.

Another big thank you goes to Alfred Bellinger for judging all weekend.  The invitational is designed to be a gruelling 2 day event that saps you as a player both physically and mentally.  This is even more a thing for the judge who has to keep a close eye on all the proceedings.

The other big thank you goes to Jim, Justin and Salliee for working long hours and giving us a venue to run the event in; your efforts are greatly appreciated by everyone involved.

Really wished I had a few of these this weekend...

I will be talking to Jim and seeing what we are doing with regards Invitational Qualifiers for the year and look forward to letting you all know about that soon.  

Lastly, but by no means least this coming weekend is the MTG worlds and as well as looking forward to all the action we can also look forward to the much anticipated announcement about next years May set - will we see Modern Masters 2?  We will find out this weekend.

More Magic players doing their second favourite thing - talking about MTG in the pub!

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